Psychotherapy and eating disorder recovery work take many forms. In this extensive grouping you'll find articles, links and discussions that include stories of individuals working through their healing process and descriptions of different treatment approaches.  Issues include trust, bingeing, starving, sexuality, fear, anxiety, triumphs, abuse, shame, dream work, journal keeping and more. Discussions regarding insurance and finances are here as well.  Reading these articles and participating in discussions will give you deep and varied windows into eating disorder recovery treatment.

Creating Structure: Top Requirement for Effective Recovery Work

800px-Banyan tree ClevelandA young woman with very little money ranted about wasting her last therapy appointment complaining about how her support group was ending. She spoke in broken sentences. She tried to overwhelm her fear and grief with rage. *

Healing Shame

800px-Rain on a smoke tree leaf"Why do I feel ashamed of myself because I was abused?  I know it was not my fault. Why do I feel the need to hide it, even from my trusted therapist?" asks a reader.

Talking about Sex

What would you like your mental health clinician to know about helping you understand and resolve your troublesome sex life?

Frightened Child Imagery: 10 tips for healing


An emotionally painful recurring image of a frightened child described in a comment on my site stays with me.  I'm responding here  because this type of imagery affects many people in or near doing deep recovery work. Eating disorder behaviors create a false promise of rescue. What follows are ten tips for genuine resolution.

The commenter wrote:

if I could just rid my mind of the image of myself as a little's a constant image...I am alone, I am scared and I am silent. It feels like

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