Psychotherapy and eating disorder recovery work take many forms. In this extensive grouping you'll find articles, links and discussions that include stories of individuals working through their healing process and descriptions of different treatment approaches.  Issues include trust, bingeing, starving, sexuality, fear, anxiety, triumphs, abuse, shame, dream work, journal keeping and more. Discussions regarding insurance and finances are here as well.  Reading these articles and participating in discussions will give you deep and varied windows into eating disorder recovery treatment.

Stop looking for eating disorder recovery. Instead aim for a meaningful life.

Belvoir secret passageSuppose I said, "Stop looking for eating disorder recovery."  I'm a therapist in Los Angeles who's been specializing in eating disorder recovery for decades. Would you think I've given up? or lost my mind? Or would you perhaps think that maybe I've discovered something? Are you curious and even ready to explore a mystery that could surprise you by giving you the life you've yearned for?

Right and Wrong: Your inner unicorn

unicorn DomenichinounicornPalFarneseDo you know your values, morals and ethical standards? Do you live by them? Do you have an inner unicorn? (see below.*)

Changing Therapeutic Frames for Eating Disorder Recovery and the Butterfly Metaphor


butterfly catapillar metaphor symbol


This *graphic is based on a closeup picture of a butterfly wing. Catapillars do not go to sleep and emerge as butterflies. Just like us, seeking to transform into an eating disorder free person living a lovely new life, the metamorphis of the catapillar butterfly experience is one of acknowledgement, battle, disintegration, transition, creativity, determination and emergence.

Read on for detail and description of  "Experiential Levels of Patient and Psychotherapist during Eating Disorder Recovery Work."

Do I have an eating disorder?

HHHBookCover trmdEating disorders are serious illnesses that affect the mind, body and spirit and can be lethal. They impede a person's quality of life. Without treatmet eating disorders get worse.   Recovery requires healing and emotional development.

On this site you can find definitions and descriptions of eating disorders as given by the American Psychological Association and the National Institute of Mental Health.


If, after reading these descriptions, you have questions about your personal situation or the situation of someone you love, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask your questions on the discussion forum on this site or both.

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