Psychotherapy and eating disorder recovery work take many forms. In this extensive grouping you'll find articles, links and discussions that include stories of individuals working through their healing process and descriptions of different treatment approaches.  Issues include trust, bingeing, starving, sexuality, fear, anxiety, triumphs, abuse, shame, dream work, journal keeping and more. Discussions regarding insurance and finances are here as well.  Reading these articles and participating in discussions will give you deep and varied windows into eating disorder recovery treatment.

Rally Yourself to Move Forward: Part 3 of Path to Joy

joy caterpillar in cocoon 1236338 640*The caterpillar may lead a joyous life, but at the end of the life cycle it goes into reclusion for transformation. That may be joyous until the change is complete. Now the new being works its way into a different life as the worn out chyrsalis crumbles.

A quiet self-talk statement to keep yourself centered and awake is this:  I can find my path to joy.

Bored? Restless? Lonely? Feeling guilty about wasting time? Overeating? Starving? Numbing yourself in bars? Sex becoming dull? People uninteresting?

You weren’t always like this.

New Begins with the End of Old: part 2 of Path to Joy

Joy New life world in hands business 764929 640*The world is full of choices and new paths for you.

Yearning for a more joyful and fulfilling life is a major indication that you are unsatisfied where you are. It's time to move into a new way of being in the world. How do you get motivated to begin? How do you change want to action?

You want to feel alive again. You want to wake up in the morning with a smile. You want to be eager for the day and what you will experience.  

Hold the Opposites, Contrasts and Tension for Eating Disorder Recovery

wolf 547203 480
“The ultimate measure of a person is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

And when is it not a time of challenge and controversy? When we are in moments of comfort and convenience, aren't we focusing on what's pleasant in our lives and disregarding pain in the world? We can't focus on pain all the time. That's disabling. We need to nourish ourselves and each other with love and support.

Action for Your Authentic Life in Six Steps (Step Three may be the most difficult) Steps One and Two

hatching chicks 2448541 640* pix credit

For positive change in your life, you need to rally new energizing inspiration from within and act.

Is that possible? How do you do that? If you are miserable or just plain bored or guilty about procrastinating what can you do to rouse yourself into a spirited and satisfying way of living?

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