Personal Rewards in Freedom From Food Tyranny


Your journey to freedom from overeating is not easy. Looking at the rewards you will reap can help sustain you when the going gets tough. As your emotional dependency on food diminishes you will discover these changes in your life.

  • You improve relationships.
  • You are more sensitive and attentive to yourself and others.
  • You enjoy others more and they enjoy you.
  • You become physically more attractive.
  • For example:
    • Swollen glands shrink.
    • Glazed eyes become clear and alert.
    • Hair develops a healthy sheen.
    • Physical movements become more coordinated and graceful.
  • You may be safer.
    • You reduce or end your late night trips to grocery stores or fast food places which may put you in a vulnerable position.
    • You reduce the chances of being in car accidents, from fender benders to major accidents. Such accidents can result when you, the driver, are distracted by food thoughts or by bingeing in the car.
  • You have more time for people and activities when you use the energy you previously put into food and eating toward something else.
  • You are more creative and productive.
  • You are able to think more clearly.
  • You have more energy for projects you may have considered unreachable dreams.
  • You save money. You spend less on food.
  • Emotionally you have more experiences of self confidence, peace and joy.
  • You feel more alive.

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