Path to Recovery and Freedom through Victory Gardens

Instead of denying yourself food or using food to binge and purge, what if you cherished food and grew it to eat, share and contribute to global healing? Could planting a tomato or zucchini really help save our lives and the world? Lots of people think so. I know my backyard orange tree provides a lot of joy, beauty and nourishment to my friends and family. And my home grown cucumbers last year were a miracle to behold and delicious to eat. Now I'm seriously asking myself, could my oranges and cucumbers and yours help heal or prevent an eating disorder?  Could they help survive the economic downturn and help the nation, even the world? Planting and tending our own 21st century victory gardens, or slow food gardens (slow food as opposed to fast food) or freedom gardens provide us with countless benefits.

Personal benefits from tending your victory garden
You won't binge and purge while you are working in your garden; You develop an appreciation for the food plants you nurture and protect; You get exercise and sunshine; You connect with other people in ways you never dreamed of (exchanges while gardening, sharing food, recipes, gardening tips, sharing seeds of all kinds. Exchanges and relationships can develop that go far beyond the immediate garden); You inspire others and yourself by your efforts and by making your garden visible; You give children a joyful learning experience about the source of food and the power and beauty of nature; You learn and share the wonder of growing seasons and the fun of harvest; You get to eat quality food; You save money; You save time (Yes, you do. You shop less often. You spend less time cooking. Fresh vegetable cook fast. You spend less time at fast food restaurants or restaurants in general. ) You get improved nourishment for greater health; You get stress relief; You get increased self esteem by creating a garden that is beautiful and beneficial.

Victory Gardens for Eating Disorder Recovery
The closer we get to growing, cooking and appreciating clean quality food, the more we appreciate it and the less we feel drawn to abuse it. We learn to cherish food and ourselves.

Victory Gardens for Economic Recovery
President Woodrow Wilson 1917 – had a war garden planted at the White House which provided home grown vegetables for White House meals and to inspire a nation. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1943, planted a “victory garden” at the White House to encourage home gardens for family use and to help allow farmed vegetables to feed our armies. During World War II 40% of vegetables eaten by Americans came from victory gardens.

Victory Gardens for Planet Earth Recovery
The benefits of victory gardens go beyond our personal lives. We reduce global pollution by not using pesticides and chemical in our gardens. We reduce the amount of fuel used for planes and heavy farm equipment used in industrial farming by eating food transported by basket from our garden plot to our kitchen. We reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere

Can you imagine the force for good that could be created if establishing and tending a victory garden of any size( from acres to a pot on a windowsill) were part of the eating disorder recovery path? Establishing a victory garden would build your self esteem and sense of genuine and worthwhile contribution to all you hold precious and dear to your heart. Last year I grew tomatoes and cucumbers in pots. This year I’m getting a raised vegetable bed for a tiny piece of my backyard and a bearing dwarf avocado tree that does well in a big pot. How about you?

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