P. S. Compulsive Eating Disorder, J, Age 54, Where Are You?

The personal blog post worked! The 54 year old woman seeking help for her compulsive eating wrote me from a different e-mail address. I was able to send her referrals for psychotherapists in her home town. My colleagues were fast and generous in responding with suggestions and helpful guidance.
How old are you? I encourage you all, when you write to me, to please include your age. If we have enough ages represented we might break up stereotypes and false beliefs about who suffers from eating disorders. Giving solid evidence that eating disorders really do include women from 8 to 100 might encourage women who are holding back to seek the help they need.

And yes, I can ask my national and international networks of eating disorder psychotherapists for a referral for you. Whether your symptoms indicate that you need to stop eating so much or start eating more or balance your food plan or create a life that is more interesting, challenging and satisfying than obsessing about food, now is the time to begin. It's never too late to go into recovery and have more freedom and joy in your life.

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