Now it's 2011: What's Here For You?


New Year's is a splashy holiday where people celebrate with parties and, too often, with excess. It's a time to make grand resolutions. But what about New Day's? We get a new day every 24 hours.  We can follow through on our goals, make a fresh start or begin our lives in a new direction.

What looks better to you? The blast of the New Year?  Or the unfolding of the New Day?

Happy New Year!                       

fireworks Here's the splash and glamor of explosive New Year celebrations.  They are noisy, spectacular and wildly colorful. Your eating disorder recovery plans for the New Year may be wild and exaggerated as you attempt to keep up with the excitement of the holiday.  Please be careful.  Fireworks provide a thrilling rush. They end with cinders and a dark quiet sky. If you are too close you may get a headache or frighten your dog or child.

Happy New Day!

new_day Here's the sun, rising out of the dark night into the new day. You get this new beginning every day. Sometimes it happens behind cloud cover. Often you are asleep when the new day begins.  But whatever the weather and wherever you happen to be, the earth keeps turning. The sun chases away the dark so you have a brand new day every day. Your eating disorder recovery plans for your New Day may be forgotten or neglected because you take the new day for granted.  It doesn't come with fireworks and grand celebrations. But it's beautiful with a steadiness and reliability that you can learn to echo by being steady and reliable every day on your recovery path.

Happy New Year to All! Happy New Day every day to all!

May the arrival of the New Year awaken you to the passage of time and the vision of the life you want in health and freedom.

May the arrival of every New Day awaken you to the continuous stream of opportunity that always flows in and around you so you can make your desired visions a reality.





0 # Before treatment I would be going for thKym 2011-01-04 12:55

Before treatment I would be going for the year resolution…then I’d slip up, beat myself up, and give up.

Now I can’t think of doing anything correctly for an entire year (moving past the perfectionist in me). It’s kind of like thinking of being “recovered;” it seems too overwhelming and I panic because I’m not sure I can do it.

So the idea of having a fresh start each day and only having to do the right thing at this moment works better for me.

Eating Disorder treatment has taught me to have compassion for myself and messing up one day is much easier to forgive myself for then blowing some huge resolution and messing up the year.

Thanks for giving me the picture of doing day by day resolutions! I hadn’t made any New Year’s resolutions because I knew I couldn’t promise anything for a year!! Kym

0 # The beauty of taking it one day at a timpinkjoanna 2011-01-04 21:11
The beauty of taking it one day at a time means many wonderful things. It means you make a small and manageable commitment to yourself for your own well being.

It means that if you succeed for a day you can feel good about yourself. It also means that if you don't do as well as you thought you could you can still give yourself credit for the effort.

It also means that any disappointment is small because it was only one day.

It also means that you get another day, another chance, another opportunity.

My dear six year old girl friend is learning to ice skate. She falls. She's learned to say, "The more you fall the better you get."

I saw her clamber over to a little boy who fell on the ice. She worked her way to him and said, "The more you fall the better you get." He smiled, got up, and tried again.

The beauty of it all is that we continually have the opportunity to get better at whatever we are going for, including eating disorder recovery.

You don't have to promise anything for a year. It's not required. You just have to remember that in this moment, right now, you can start fresh.

Happy New Year, Kym!

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