More Self-Esteem Builders! (by popular demand)


542px-Antonia_Gerstacker_Survivor2009Self-esteem rallies your courage and internal resources to see you through life challenges. Eating disorder recovery is one of the many tough challenges that will confront you in your lifetime.

Each challenge, successfully negotiated, gives your more strength and wisdom for the inevitable next.

Here are 13 more self-esteem builders so you can equip yourself. Surprise.  Many are fun! 

1.     Build self-esteem: Create and sustain traditions with friends and family. The predictability and stability reinforces bonding, relationships, security and a sense of well being in the worlds.


2.     Build self-esteem: Create back up plans for car emergencies.
3.     Build self-esteem: Create back up plans for home emergencies.

4.     Build self-esteem: Create back up plans for financial emergencies.

5.     Build self-esteem: Create back up plans for social emergencies. (In other words, create back up plans so unplanned challenges are not

(altogether unexpected. Give yourself options you can quickly reach for.)

6.     Build self-esteem:  Make by your hand or with friends, special occasion cards for friends and family. You define the special occasion – perhaps a holiday, anniversary or birthday
– but perhaps a personal notable experience you recognize and appreciate.

7.     Build self-esteem:  Give yourself credit for effort, even before achievement.

8.     Build self-esteem:  Make a mobile that reflects your interests or goals or loves or words of encouragement your appreciate.

9.     Build self-esteem:  Make gentle fun of your foibles sometimes, like a stand up comic. Find humor in the absurdity of some of your habits. Laugh with good humor and
kindness at some qualities you take – perhaps too seriously – in yourself.

10.    Build self-esteem:  Return what you borrow.

11.    Build self-esteem:  Have a dignified ritual for your losses, i.e. ceremonies for the beginnings and endings in your life.

12.    Build self-esteem:  Send people you care about encouraging notes now and then that show you appreciate them.  Do this for yourself too!

13.    Build self-esteem:  Honor your spiritual practices. If you don’t have any, explore to discover what matters to you and develop a spiritual practice based on your authentic caring.


Which self-esteem builders are new to you?

Which are already in place?

Which seem easy?

Which seem like a challenge?


Please let me know.

* This painting was painted by Antonia Gerstacker while fighting cancer in 2009. Artofantonia


0 # I chose number 12 today. I have a patienmylifex2 2012-05-20 19:10
I chose number 12 today. I have a patient who has been in the hospital for over 70 days. This has been hard for her as our average length of stay is 5 days. We are having difficulting finding her placement. Her parents have essentially abandoned her. Today I explained the situation to my kids and we decided to make her a basket of goodies from things we have around the house. The girls picked out a stuffed animal, and some lotions and soaps they have collected in trial sizes. Together we made a banner for her to place over her bed with stickers and cool lettering of her name. We found some back issues of magazines and my little one sacrificed some of her favorite things in the world ~ her lollypops. They don't know this young woman, but we were able to work together to put a package together that will mean a lot to this patient. It also made me feel good to know that my kids have picked up the art of caring for others and sacrificing their time and possessions to make someone else's day brighter. I loved watching how selfless they were and how willingly they shared. This made me feel good as well :-)
0 # Lovely, Tracy. :)pinkjoanna 2012-05-23 23:05
Lovely, Tracy. :-)

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