Thank You and Please Accept My Apology


olivebranchimagesThe heart of this site is not the site itself but the value it provides to you, the readers, who want and need the information, inspiration and shared recovery stories the site carries.  Your responses inspire others, clarify thoughts, offer different views that make for rich conversation, share opportunities and certainly keep me inspired to continue this work.

If you have commented on posts on this website and your comments did not get published, I am so very sorry.  Today, thank goodness, a reader wrote and asked why my responses showed up on the site but the comments I responded to did not.

I didn't know this was happening.  It was a major glitch that has since been corrected.  Thank you so much, Kym, for letting me know the problem existed. 

Please know that I value all your thoughts and responses.  I'm always happy to find a response to a post, regardless of the point of view.  Every point of view, every story, every question has meaning and value.

We are all helping each other to help each other.

Thank you for participating in this recovery site.  And please, if you notice something that seems wrong or not working properly, let me know ASAP.  I appreciate your help in making this the finest eating disorder recovery resource possible.




0 # So I noticed the problem for a few monthKymL 2010-12-09 21:15
So I noticed the problem for a few months now, but my ED kept telling me I wasn't writing "healthy" enough to print....just one of the many things it's told me I'm not worthy of. But my recovery these past few weeks and your wonderful, supportive, response to my last post gave me the courage to question that voice. Just another example of the powers of our ED's.....and the rewards of recovery!

On the positive side of mistkae, now I can go back and re-read the blogs....I'm sure I'll get something from readers comments and get new stuff from your writing.
0 # Dear Kym, If my mistake led you to appinkjoanna 2010-12-09 21:23
Dear Kym,

If my mistake led you to appreciate that your ED voice is wrong and it was really the other person's error, then my error served a good purpose.

Every thought you share is "healthy enough" to print because it's coming from your working your way to recovery. And that means dealing with the good, the bad, the ugly and the sublime - all of it is part of healing. All of it is valuable.

I'm glad you are challenging your censor. You are helping yourself, and you are certainly helping me with this site!
0 # Ha, I thought you just didn't want whatPTC 2010-12-10 14:54
Ha, I thought you just didn't want what we wrote on the site.
0 # Well, now I hope you know that I do wantpinkjoanna 2010-12-10 22:00
Well, now I hope you know that I do want what you write. In fact, I cherish what you write and read every word!
0 # That's nice to hear. :)PTC 2010-12-12 10:32
That's nice to hear. :-)

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