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newWhat a pleasure to be writing to you from the new eatingdisorderrecovery website. Thank you for your patience while we dealt with countless details.

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Thursday our communication system will be restored, and we should be up and running with the new site.

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Sex and Eating Disorders: Let Love and Reality Win

Sex, Understanding, Confusion, False Messages and Eating Disorders

If you have an eating disorder, you most likely know that while human sexuality is flagrantly advertised and photographed, exploited and both demonized and idealized, your actual experience is rarely reflected back to you in ways that help you feel understood or understand yourself.

Today a notice came across my desk that makes this situation abundantly clear as I'm writing the chapter on sex in my eating disorder recovery book for adult women.  Amazing.

Dating Service Fires 5000 Members

Thank You and Please Accept My Apology

olivebranchimagesThe heart of this site is not the site itself but the value it provides to you, the readers, who want and need the information, inspiration and shared recovery stories the site carries.  Your responses inspire others, clarify thoughts, offer different views that make for rich conversation, share opportunities and certainly keep me inspired to continue this work.

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