Luck and "the wearing of the green"


JDP_IrishphotoHappy St. Patrick's Day!

What's your take on luck?  Do you have lucky moments?  Are you a lucky person?

Are others lucky?

Here's a piece from my morning journal.

I believe less in luck as I see what goes into creating a life.  Yet, at the same time, with so much unpredictability inthe complexity of the universe, I think every momet of existence is lucky.

What's does luck and lucky mean to you?

I'm just back from a delightful children's program at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica with DidiPop performing.

I sang a brief solo of Molly Malone to the little children and their parents.  So I'm feeling happy and a bit Irish today.

Fun teaching the children what a wheel barrow is and what cockles and mussels are.

I explored more about what I feel about luck this morning in my journal.  Here are some entries.  See what you think.

  • I'm not lucky: I work hard, study and share.
  • I am lucky:  I have the genes, the friends, the country and the planet where my life happens.
  • I'm not lucky: I make my luck through preparation.
  • I am lucky: The climate, the earthquake, flood, tsunami, volcano potential, crashing comets and asteroids, viruses and bacteria, the out of control bus or falling airplane didn't destroy my preparations.
  • I'm not lucky: I think, plan and act on my plans.
  • I am lucky: I am able to think, plan and act.
  • I'm not lucky: I love and am loved in return.
  • I am lucky: I love and am loved in return.

What might you add or change from your point of view about luck?








0 # I do think that there is an element of lshh 2012-03-17 15:14
I do think that there is an element of luck (at least to a certain extent) in terms of what life deals you...

...yet, through my time in therapy, I am more inclined than ever to view the hardships that life throws at you (that could be termed as bad luck), as chances to experience, understand more and broaden my knowledge, and as opportunities for personal growth and development that I would not otherwise have had, and that maybe I am lucky to have and could almost consider a privelege...

...after all wisdom does not come without hardship!
0 # I believe in luck, good and bad. I don'PTC 2012-03-17 15:33
I believe in luck, good and bad. I don't like St. Patty's Day, however, especially in NYC. It's a bunch of stupid drunk people out on the streets and it's incredibly annoying. I'm staying in.

Maybe you can answer this question for me, it's totally unrelated, but why is it that when you're trying to lose weight you can't, and when you're not trying to lose weight, you do and you can't explain it?
0 # I believe in luck. I think sometimes themylifex2 2012-03-17 16:30
I believe in luck. I think sometimes the stars align just right and the god's smile for that one specific moment and something wonderful happens when we least expect it or deserve it. Sometimes it's because of luck we obtain a taste of what we are capable of having or doing, and because of this, we try a little harder or believe in ourselves a little bit more.
Laura R
0 # I was brought up to believe that both goLaura R 2012-03-17 17:37
I was brought up to believe that both good and bad things happen and our job is to muddle through and try to help people along the way. As I get older I believe more in looking harder for the bits if goodness and following their lead along with expecting lots of bad.

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