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Being a Los Angeles psychotherapist in private practice, this article titled, "Los Angeles Therapists and What You Need to Know About Them," caught my attention.

The article gives a simple and straightforward, although very surface, description of different kinds of psychotherapists

in various treatment settings.  For someone looking for a psychotherapist and knowing nothing about the process the article is helpful in its simplicity.  It provides basic information.

Private Practice

The writer says very little about private practice, and he or she writes that most private practitioners can be found in the yellow pages.  Mmmm.  I and many of my colleagues who have been in private practice here for many years are not in the yellow pages.

Internet vs Yellow Pages

The yellow pages presents a long list of names and phone numbers.  The Internet, with blogs, websites and commentary opportunities gives people rich and vivid information about a psychotherapist, her orientation, specialties and especially gives a searcher a sense of whether there's a chance for a meaningful connection.

My patients make their first call to me because they are affected by an eating disorder and heard me speak or because they've been referred by someone they trust. Yet, more often, they come because they've read something I've written that appears on the Internet.

Exploring this site, or even just following my tweets, will give you information about how my practice can meet your needs and help you recover from your eating disorder. Treatment takes many forms. Your challenge is to find the treatment method and style that is a match for your personality and situation.  Most of all, the treatment you choose needs to involve you in a caring relationship with a experienced clinician you feel good about working with.

Call or e-mail me for a free telephone consultation. (310) 474-4165  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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