Help in Finding Eating Disorder Treatment on the Westside of Los Angeles


Psychotherapy on the Westside of Los Angeles

You have many options.  In fact you have so many options you may have difficulty in knowing where to begin and ultimately, when and how to make your choice. See my list of mental health clinics on the westside of Los Angeles.

I've been in practice on the west side since 1980. First in Pacific Palisades and now in Rancho Park near Century City, UCLA, Westwood and Beverly Hills. I've seen the profession develop and new services come and go. I am connected to professional services via my professional networks and associations.

If you would like help in sorting out

your options, by all means e-mail me, and I'll see what suggestions I may have for you. For starters, please have ready when you contact me thief following information:
Age and gender
Kind of treatment center you are looking for:
Low fee clinic
Upscale clinic
Upscale private practice
Intensive outpatient

In general, without too much detail for an e-mail communication, let me know why you want a psychotherapist and what you hope to accomplish. I'll email you some information, or I'll e-mail you and ask you to call me so we have more privacy for a free telephone consultation.


My own practice is private and addresses eating disorders, anxiety issues, women's issues.















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