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Update: is now accepting preorders for Healing Your Hungry Heart.


Update on my book, Healing Your Hungry Heart.  We have a cover!  I love it, and hope you will too.

I'm not sure if I can display it on the internet yet. So much has to do with timing in publishing!

I'll let you see it as soon as I'm allowed.  :)

Update: Editorial at Conari accepted the manuscript as is.  Hooray.  Revising all those drafts with my editor was definitely a worth while undertaking.


Update on my book: I wrote it! It's a self help book for eating disorder recovery and includes the most effective recovery methods I've learned in thirty years of practice.


The manuscript is now in the publisher's hands.  My publisher is Conari Press.

Books don't move from the keyboard to binding and on to book stores.  A lot of editing happens in between.

The editor at Conari is now reading for general voice and story. She reads it again for structure and flow.  Then she reads it again to see how it all holds together.

She makes lots of notes and sends it all back to me.

Then it's my turn to go over her edits, see where I agree, make needed changes and add things I may have forgotten.

I knew the moment I sent the final off that I had forgotten to include a few wonderful books in my suggested reading list.

Happily, I can still add them.

We are shooting for a publication date of August, 2011.

From what I hear, it's all looking good.

I'll keep you posted!

Conari has been wonderfully supportive.  I feel that my book is in good hands.


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