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Take a look at what freedom looks like. It's Women's History Month.  In the spirit oJudy Chicago and the Dinner Party, The National Women's History Project is running, for free through March 31, online streaming films of remarkable American women.  These women were brave, creative, determined, met and surmounted great hardships.  Their contributions to our nation and to women right now are immeasurable.  Unfortunately, they are also often unknown, until now.

Judy Chicago created and fought to bring women who were written out of history back into our awareness through her magnificent artistic creation, The Dinner Party.  The National Women's History Project uncovers glorious women hidden from our view, hidden from our history books, hidden from our definition of women. These women, their lives and accomplishments, are stunning. 

If you have an eating disorder, your eating disorder blocks your energy. What it doesn't block it channels into your eating disorder thinking and behavior.  Look at what that energy in you can do in this world. Getting better is not about stopping the eating disorder behavior.  Getting better means freeing your energy, your mind and heart, to be all you can be.

Let the National Women's History Project introduce you to women who lived being all they could be.  Let these women show you that a woman's heart and mind can survive harsh conditions and create a better world. 

These are the stories that show you what living a meaningful life looks like.  Without these stories a woman might come to believe that her weight and appearance, her youth or appearance of youth was all that mattered in living a satisfying life.

These films, now free and available for streaming through March 31, show you life outside of the prison of eating disorders where a woman's energy is free to follow what is authentic to her.

Chains, prison bars, locked ghettos, concentration camps, oppressive laws may be the easiest barriers to fight in order to get freedom. These barriers are visible.  When your mind and your awareness are in prison, only the barest fluttering of your soul gives you an indication that you are not free.  If that fluttering is judged to be anxiety or neurosis of some kind you may reach for or be given drugs to quell the sensation. 

The films offered by the National Women's History Project give your soul a glimpse of a way out of prison and into your authentic life. Don't miss this free opportunity to give yourself a look at freedom warriors. Share them with your daughters and your mothers.  Tell your friends. Let appreciation and awareness spread.  These are not dry and dusty tales of irrelevant history.  These films bring the life, blood and verve, energy and story of women to the surface, to life and into the consciousness of women today.

Watch these films. 

What's your favorite?

Which touches you personally?

What are you learning?

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0 # I had not even read this blog yet when Imylifex2 2012-03-03 19:19
I had not even read this blog yet when I wrote in a forum a similar comment about energy being freed up for things other than my neat this was to have my forum comment cross with your blog...
0 # Great, Tracy. Once you have this thoughpinkjoanna 2012-03-04 19:47
Great, Tracy. Once you have this thought you'll see it play out many times in your thinking and you're life. It's the thought that can push you into more solid recovery.

Living with an eating disorder takes a lot of energy. The less energy you give your eating disorder the more you have not only for what you do, but for what you never dared to even dream you could do. :-)

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