To lift your focus from your eating disorder to what is possible in your life you need inspiration. Women of every age, epoch, philosophy, race, ethnicity, religion, class, sexual orientation, education level, exposed and celebrated in massive public display or sequestered in privacy have lived impactful lives that effect us all.  Many are forgotten or were never recognized. Let the stories of these women inspire you to expand your vision, embrace your strength and stride into the world with confidence.

Inspirational Women and Words to Help You In Eating Disorder Recovery

99px Eleanor Roosevelt portrait 1933Recovering from an eating disorder means learning to cope with life demands without  your eating disorder standby behaviors.  When you stop the eating disorder you have gaps in your psyche. You don't have inner resources developed yet to see you through your challenges.
Looking to the hard won wisdom of people you admire to learn how they cope can seed your own psyche with inspiring words that help you develop the new inner support system you need.

See if any of these quotes speak to you.

"Our strength is often composed of the weaknesses we're damned if we're going to show." 

*pix  Eleanor Roosevelt 1933

Inspiration for recovery and for living; Streep, Thatcher and Freeman

Eating disorders narrow your perspective on your life and what is possible for you in the world. Obstacles seem not only huge, which may or may not be a realistic appraisal. But, to the eating disorder mind, obstacles may seem impervious and impassable, leaving you with no options except retreat into your eating disorder. 

When you begin to use the strength you use to maintain your eating disorder and your eating disorder thinking for something else, you can create a much better life for yourself.  Let these women inspire you.

P.S. Watch the video till the end.  If you don't have the time, at least watch it through the Mum Bett - Elizabeth Freeman story.

What moments in the stories of the three women in this video startle you or inspire you?  What can you draw, even from just a moment in their stories, to support you in recognizing and facing and effectively dealing with your obstacles?

National Womens History Museum

Margaret Thatcher info

Margaret Thatcher video bio

Elizabeth Freeman - Mum Bett

Meryl Streep




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