How to Benefit from Healing Your Hungry Heart


I'm getting many letters from people who have read or are reading my book, Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder.  I'm glad to learn that Healing Your Hungry Heart is generating enthusiasm.  However, I'm concerned when I hear someone say that they couldn't put it down.

Healing Your Hungry Heart, like life, is not something to get through quickly. It's here for you to both digest and work through. The more slow and methodical your pace the faster and deeper youre healing results. can go through the process from front to back many times, each time having a different and deeper healing experience.

It's understandable that after years of suffering with an eating disorder you would like to find something that will help you quickly.  An eating disorder offers you a quick fix in the moment.  But recovery requires you to go into low gear so you can negotiate the highs and lows.

If you begin HHH at the beginning and read carefully, and if you linger with the exercises for a week or more before moving to the next chapter you will begin to get some stability and healing.

Healing Your Hungry Heart is designed to be a long time recovery companion.  You can read the chapters and do the exercises many time.  The words on the page will not have changed, but you will have changed. 

Each time you go through HHH you will have a different and deeper healing experience. That's as it should be in eating disorder recovery.  Every tiny bit of progress you make has an effect on your entire system of feeling, perceiving, thinking and understanding.  Your new and changing responses to situations, including healing exercises, will bring you new awareness, new strength and more recovery.

How are you using the exercises? Do you have a favorite? Is there an exercise you resist trying? Have you found your favorite so far in the chapters or in the Appendix?


0 # I feel bad saying this, but affirmationsshh 2011-11-13 08:29
I feel bad saying this, but affirmations - there is just no way I can say stuff out loud that I feel is so far from the truth, I just feel stupid.
I understand the point of them is that the more I say them, the more I will grow to believe them...but I just can't see it, they make me feel uncomfortable.
0 # Hi Shh,It's not about growing to belpinkjoanna 2011-11-13 09:07
Hi Shh, It's not about growing to believe them. It's about giving yourself the opportunity to make them true. For example, if a person is in an almost constant state of irritation and snaps at people, the affirmations, "I am kind. I am patient" will certainly feel far from the truth. The person will feel uncomfortable saying these two affirmations. But what happens is that pushing against the discomfort lets the affirmations find a tiny place in your awareness. Day after day of repeating the affirmations helps a spark of new awareness grow. Over time you discover you have a choice between a quick snap and a patient response - now and then. But as you bring the new awareness into new action you get a different kind of response in the world that will reinforce your new action. And so the building continues. Then, without even realizing it you incorporated this way of thinking and behaving into your ordinary life. (I'm going to develop this a little as a post for everyone. It's such an important piece of needed understanding. Thank you, as always, for your helpful and comment, Shh.

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