Here you will find discussion and personal stories related to the particular stresses and challenges that come with holidays and special occasions.

Suggestions and recommendations are here for moving through these special days as best you can, depending on your level of recovery.


New Year's Resolutions: Good or Triggering?

If you have an eating disorder you can use this time of new beginnings, fresh starts and New Year’s resolutions to renew your commitment to recovery. But, please be aware of the different kinds of resolutions. The best resolutions you can choose are those that support your best way of living and add healthy energy to your life. Be wary of resolutions that are triggers for slips or major eating disorder acting out. Here are some examples of both.

Eating Disorder Emergency Tips for New Years

Pre Binge Symptoms

If you suffer from bulimia or anorexia or binge eating disorder the end of a holiday season can leave you in this fragile emotional condition.  You may attempt to use rage to wipe out these feelings. You may try to control the people around you to prove your power when deep down you feel powerless. You may want to hide under the covers or throw a tantrum.

When your gut trembles and aches with fear, when your upper arms seem to vibrate on their own, when the back of your throat aches, when what you see begins to have an unreal quality you are experiencing raw vulnerability that is a prelude to a binge/purge episode.

Greet the New Year with a Gratitude Journal

Feeling down?

Why not greet with New Year with a gratitude journal?

You can start by putting a reminder note on your bathroom sink mirror that says, “Add one item to your gratitude journal, no matter how small.”

Family Visits and the Holiday Season

People with eating disorders or in early or mid recovery from eating disorders call for help more often during the holidays than any other time.

Family: stimulates feeling bereft or anxious

If you are separated from family for any reason you can feel bereft.  At the same time, if you are going to be with family, you can be flooded with anxiety.

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