Here you will find discussion and personal stories related to the particular stresses and challenges that come with holidays and special occasions.

Suggestions and recommendations are here for moving through these special days as best you can, depending on your level of recovery.


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Both Christmas and Hanukkah celebrate the joy and profound mystery of light in the darkness. When we follow the path of eating disorder recovery we learn more about light and darkness than we ever dreamed possible.

The Mystery
I wish you light. And I wish you darkness, too. Why?

Days after Christmas - Part I - Traditional

Please be especially caring of yourself these immediate days after Christmas. Your emotional momentum culminated in the day that passed. Now you are in a different emotional space. Your psychological and emotional energy wave crashed into the reality of Christmas Day. The fall out is now.

Days After Christmas -Part II Christmas alone

How did you spend Christmas this year? People with eating disorders isolate. Was that you this Christmas? Were you alone? Did you go into a cave and wait for Christmas to pass by? Did you hope for phone calls and invitations that didn’t come? Did you binge and watch TV? Maybe you went to a move by yourself. Maybe you went to an OA meeting or a 12 step marathon to be with people, even if you didn’t know them. Some of you went to a seminar or workshop so you could be with people celebrating in a way that blended with the workshop theme.

Slip over the Holidays

A letter came in today that may speak to many people this holiday season. The writer, I'll call her Kendra, had an eating disorder slip last night.

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