Coping with Feelings after New Years


As you move through this first month of the New Year, I recommend that you read or re-read Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces. This is the classic that can guide your through your journey to eating disorder recovery.

Even if you don't see the relevance, your unconscious will gladly take in the healthy nourishment Campbell has to offer. I met Joe many years ago at an imagery conference at UCLA. We met in a big hall outside the workshops. Many of the speakers and workshops were good, but at that moment I was fleeing a bad presentation.

Joe also was in flight from something he couldn't bear as well. We sat on a step at the bottom of the staircase and talked for well over an hour.

The energy, honesty, humanity and richness of the man came through so well I can feel him today. He also had a twinkle in his eye for attractive young women which I enjoyed. After all, he was a most popular professor at Sarah Lawrence for many years.

His many books came later. His influence on the creation of Star Wars came later yet.

But give yourself a gift and a boost into healing by reading his first book, the book he wrote when he was a young man starting his own journey. Enjoy. Campbell's book is a nourishing treat for getting through this month (and any month) well.

You may discover how you already are the heroine of your life. 

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