5 Tips for Self Care in Recovering from New Year's Stress and High Hopes


New Years aftermath

The week after New Years can be tough. Fantasies around New Years may be more powerful than Christmas wishes. New Years is often a time of hope for the end of eating disorder symptoms.

Tips as Cure? The following recovery tips are not a cure for bulimia or anorexia or binge eating. But they are a way to catch hold of some health so you can take the steps necessary for solid recovery. And wouldn't that be a nice way to start the New Year?

Wishes and hopes

You hope for the beginning of a new and true love. You hope that at last, you can be your real self, be recognized as the quality person you are and welcome peace and opportunity in your life. When those wishes don't come true as the New Year begins, your disappointment can be intense. That disappointment can bring on a state of depression where you have low energy and just want to cry alone with your best friend - bulimia. 

Your big and vital task is to wait

Please, hold out. You might be hung over from too much of everything over the holiday. You might be exhausted from activity and tension. You might be frightened because of the sudden transition from holiday to quiet regular life. Maybe you are experiencing all three.

Give yourself a chance

Give yourself a chance to adapt to the shifts your mind, heart, body and emotions need to make after the holidays. Fantasies are falling. Real life is returning. Let yourself be real in this real life.


Helpful Coping Tips

Five important tips that help and that all of us may tend to forget:

1.     Don't get too hungry.

2.     Don't get too thirsty.

3.     Don't get too tired. Hunger, dehydration and fatigue will play havoc with your emotions, your ability to think and your ability to perceive realistically.

4.     Give yourself a few days of eating three healthy meals a day, drinking 6 - 8 glasses of water a day and getting eight hours of sleep at night.

You will be surprised at how much better life looks and how much better your brain works. You will put yourself in an emotional place where you can take positive steps toward reaching those New Year's wishes by first stepping toward your own health and recovery.

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