Greet the New Year with a Gratitude Journal


Feeling down?

Why not greet with New Year with a gratitude journal?

You can start by putting a reminder note on your bathroom sink mirror that says, “Add one item to your gratitude journal, no matter how small.”


Meet Your Critic with a Smile

The “no matter how small” is essential.  Looking in any mirror at any time for an eating disorder person can be a trial.  Mirrors, like scales, bring out the ferocious and unrelenting inner critic, merciless and condemning.

Meeting your critic with a gratitude reminder can help prevent you from spiraling into a bleak emotional state that could well trigger an eating disorder episode.

Benefits of Gratitude

A gratitude journal can help all of us open our minds and hearts to the positive aspects of living and of our lives in particular.

You might think, “Well, I can’t do that because I have nothing to be grateful for. My life is a mess.”

If you are caught in that kind of downward thinking we need to find a way to reverse the direction and bring you up, not to elation but to a normal steady state that can perceive realistically.

Get Down to Basics

So we get very basic.  If you don’t like your nose you can still be  grateful that you have a nose.  Some people don’t.

If you don’t like your residence, you can still be grateful that you have shelter.

If you don’t like your body you can still be grateful you have a body that functions, however imperfectly.

If you are isolated and alone you can still be grateful that telephones, e-mail, pen and paper exist. You can be grateful that you can make moves to connect with others when you are ready to make that choice.

Perhaps we could make a gratitude list on this blog with your comments. That might help people who are stuck in bleakness to get out into new and more happy possibilities.

Right now, I’m grateful for the Internet and the development of the blog. This blog gives me an opportunity to speak more directly to you and share what I’ve been learning all my life about what it takes to recover from an eating disorder.

Gratitude can open a door to a more healthy and happy New Year.

We are right on time when we start our recovery work. Now is always the right time.

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