Here you will find "Triumphant Journey, a self guided workbook to help you recover from an eating disorder.

This is a step by step action plan that can guide you to your genuine healing path.  You can use it on your own.  You can use it as preparation for beginning treatment.  You can use it with your psychotherapist as an aspect of your recovery work.


Topics Include:

  • kinds of overeaters
  • benefits of moderate eating
  • dilemmas for the overeater
  • personal tools needed
  • how secrets relate to overeating
  • affirmations

Special Exercises to:

  • stop overeating
  • increase inner strength
  • discover secrets
  • develop self respect

Let's get started!
Introduction 1 - Idea for Triumphant Journey Begins 21994
Overview of free online self help eating disorder recovery workbook: Triumphant Journey 26513
About the Author, Joanna Poppink 18646
Reality Check: Why Weight Loss Programs Don't Work if You Have an Eating Disorder 20958
Development of Mary's Eating Disorder 15631
Are You An Overeater? A Check List. Preparation for Recovery 24409
Personal Rewards in Freedom From Food Tyranny 16693
The Dilemma in Recovery 17908
Preparation for the End of Overeating 20685
Exercise 1 Insight into Anxiety and Need to Binge 24766
Exercise 2 Completing Unfinished Tasks 19309
Exercise 3 Riding Out the Urge To Binge Without Bingeing 24794
Exercise 4 to Stop Overeating: P.A.M. Pause a Minute 19066
Exercise 5 21936
Exercise 6 Postpone or procrastinate? 19341
Exercise 7 15924
Exercise 8 16260
Exercise 9 16089
Exercise 10 coping with saying good bye 15969
Exercise in Kindness 16702
Necessity of Inner Secrets 21583
Are you curious about your secrets? 16271
Time of Decision 18160
The Darker Side of Secrets -- Moving to the Unknown 15498
Roots of Inner Secrets 15915
More Subtle Causes of Inner Secrets 15419
The Creation of an Overeater: Mary's Story 20774
Discussion of Mary's Story: dissociation and eating disorders 18372
Mary Grows Up - Early Stages of Becoming an Overeater 15446
Mary Grows Up - Adult Stages of Being an Overeater 15019
The Way Out 15089
Inner Secret Discovery Questions 1-9 20492
Inner Secret Discovery Questions 10-20 21109
Eating Disorder Triumphant Journey: Preparation plan in the recovery workbook 25673
Eating Disorder Recovery Self Help Action Steps 1-3 36365
Eating Disorder Recovery Action Steps in Online Self Help Workbook 4-6 22478
Eating Disorder Recovery Action Steps in Online Self Help Woorkbook 7-9 21329
Eating Disorder Recovery Action Steps in Online Self Help Woorkbook 10-12 21242
Next Appointment with Yourself 15356

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