The Challenge in Asking for Help: An Artist's Perspective

Stop Eating Disorders Welcomes Guest Blogger, Janna Stern, Gifted Artist and Great Friend I'm an artist, an M.D., a wife, mother and grandmother with a passionate interest and concern for people who suffer from eating disorders. I feel honored to be asked to contribute some of my work as a guest on Joanna's blog as I find her dedication to the cause and her work to be on target. My painting: "In God's Ear." can be viewed at My thoughts about how the image relates to eating disorders: People look for a savior. Both the afflicted and those who love them or are trying to help them cry out for help. They feel likes dolls at the mercy of some autocratic or whimsical owner. There is no clear path. Nearly everyone acknowledges a superior being and tries to reach out to a deity for solace and direction. The doll looks so weary and helpless, as if it has been cast aside several times in searching for a savior that never came. Most people with eating disorders only trust themselves and feel safe with their own system of maintaining control and order. When everything in the world is out of control, they ultimately are in control of what they do and where they seek comfort. Janna Stern, M.D. artist email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. URL:

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