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Physical Effects of Anorexia Recovery: Personal Story

Sudden anorexia recovery efforts can be as shocking to the body as well as the mind. Here is one woman’s recovery story presented via our correspondence. She gave me permission to post our dialogue on my blog in hopes that our exchange would help you. (Her name is changed and her city is omitted.)
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Hello Joanna,
I found your website online and was hoping that you could help me. I struggled in silence with anorexia for 8 years.

A starved brain can't think

A vivid recovery story came in last night from Tracy. (See Tracy’s comment.)

Major eating disorder recovery stumbling block
In her heroic efforts to be well Tracy brings up a major stumbling block to eating disorder recovery. When the brain is deprived of necessary nutrients, our ability to think reasonably is affected.

Bulimia, Enemas and Mind Tricks

Watch out for mind tricks that convince you that cleansing is normal when it is a purging symptom of a real and present eating disorder.

The Mind Trick

Rescue from Bulimia When You Are On Your Own.


Life_PreserverBulimia recovery help when it seems no help is around. Inspired by Cleo* see below

*Original Letter from Cleo: dear Johanna: Hi, im Cleo, and ive been suffering for bulimia for the past 7 years. Every single day, 5, 6 times a day usually. You can imagine how my stomach is reacting. Obviously i dont know what feeling healty, means...lately ive been having

Physical Effects of Anorexia Recovery: Response to Personal Story

The Question: How can I stop my eating disorder behavior? Answer: Rethink the question or you'll be caught in a control trap.

Shelley's response

As Shelley so eloquently reveals in her comment responding to Wendeline's story, effective recovery work begins when the eating disorder behaviors around food begin to subside. That's when your emotional challenges reveal themselves. That's when your body reels and goes into shock at the massive change in how it is nourished and cared for. The idea that eating after starving or holding after purging or eating in a balanced way after regularly bingeing is the whole answer for recovery is so very wrong.

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