buffet-food-ray-yu-flickrExcerpts from Chapters 1 - 14 from Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder, by Joanna Poppink, MFT, 2011, Conari Press Read Excerpts

P.S. to "Great Terror" Excerpt

If I had seen this magnificent quote from Clarissa Pinkola Estés, author of one of my favorite books that inspire women, Women Who Run with the Wolves.  I would have included it in my Healing Your Hungry Heart chapter, "The Great Terror." I'll keep this particular blog post open and add more ways of saying this as I find them.  Please join in.  Place in the comments quotes that speak to the necessary Great Terror and its resolution for recovery.

Deep in the wintry parts of our minds, we are hardy stock and know there is no such thing as a work-free transformation. We know that we will have to burn to the ground in one way or another, and then sit right in the ashes of who we once thought we were and go on from there.

-Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Recovery Check-In Chapter 11 Excerpt

“I do not understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.”
--Anne Lamott

Through the exercises in this book and the check-in process, you are chipping away at the structure, the habits, the mindset, and the beliefs that have locked you into the prison of your eating disorder.

Sex, Stalking and Exploitation Chapter 12 Excerpt

“As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can’t see how it is.”
--Ram Dass

The topic of sexuality is near the end of this book because, if you have been working the exercises in previous chapters, by now you are more equipped to look at this highly charged issue.  I invite you to look at your sexual life through the lens of eating disorder recovery work. My intention is not to discuss sexual addiction, orgasmic dysfunction, or morality but rather to introduce a subject that is not discussed fully and openly as it relates to people with eating disorders.

"Family" Chapter 13 Excerpt

“The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”
--Victor Frankl

Expectations and assumptions, fantasies and reality, love and anger, disappointment and hope, all crash together when you consider your family.  In or out of your eating disorder, family visits, communications, and memories may be your most challenging experiences. 

Triggers as Teachers: Staying on Your Recovery Path Chapter 14 Excerpt


“Commitment is what you stand on to breath, attend to your body sensations, and courageously make your mindful moves.”
--Joanna Poppink

…Recovery brings you here.  The more you can bear to be here, the less you are agonizingly nowhere and the less you need oblivion.  You understand this now, but it’s easy to forget when a trigger hits home.

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