love149Each chapter in Healing Your Hungry Heart presents different challenges on your path to recovery.  Choose a chapter from the list below and share your experiences in the comments as you work through the exercises and consider your situation and your options.

Joanna's New Book

Update: is now accepting preorders for Healing Your Hungry Heart.


Update on my book, Healing Your Hungry Heart.  We have a cover!  I love it, and hope you will too.

I'm not sure if I can display it on the internet yet. So much has to do with timing in publishing!

I'll let you see it as soon as I'm allowed.  :)

Joanna's New Book: Update

My book has a name!


Healing Your Hungry Heart


Publication date: August, 2011 through Conari Press. now accepting preorders.

Healing Your Hungry Heart has a love story

2tintagelimagesTintagel, legendary home of King Arthur, on the high cliffs of Cornwall overlooking the sea. :)

Healing Your Hungry Heart is on schedule for August publication date.  As I read your letters and listen to your voices on my phone, in my practice and on the internet I've learned more about how I need my professional psychotherapist self and my eating disorder recovering self to join with my storyteller self in the pages between beginning and end.

In my introduction, where I talk about how I lived with my eating disorder - bulimia -, how I grew up with it and how I found my path to recovery I mention a love story, my dramatic romance with a Cornishman I met in Truro in Cornwall.  We travelled back and forth across the planet

Healing Your Hungry Heart: Review

Joanna Poppink writes not only of the heart, but from the heart.  She has been there, and shares generously of her personal struggles with bulimia.  Her authenticity cannot be mistaken and gives her readers reason to be confident that she knows whereof she writes, and will not offer mere theory, nor platitudes, nor judgment.  This confidence does not prove mistaken.


She has also been there as a psychotherapist--a gifted and experienced therapist, a genuine healer.  This, too, comes through clearly in her book.  Through many examples, exercises, and distillations of her well-earned wisdom, the author gives hope and help to women who are struggling with the pain and shame of eating disorders.


Make no mistake:  this book offers no easy “fix.”  The author invites her readers to undertake an admittedly difficult and often intimidating exploration of self, of the hidden meanings of symptoms and actions.   She knows that one must “stay present and bear your feelings” to walk this path, and also knows how to extend help.  She knows and teaches that “everything counts.”  I imagine that most readers will find that they cannot work through this substantial book all at once, but will need to return to it again and again, sometimes with frustration but often, too, with joy.



Joan A. Lang, M.D.

Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

Professor Emeritus & Former Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Saint Louis University

When Private Becomes Public: Author's Challenge

Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder, comes out next month. It's designed for the adult woman. Here's one of four book trailers.

My Aha moment came when a Facebook friend wrote that she pre ordered the book after reading the preview pages. I didn't know they had been posted. When I looked I saw very personal material on the Internet. OMG. See for yourself.

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