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Writing Healing Your Hungry Heart could not leave me unchanged. Reviewing my own journey through bulimia to recovery, I hear in my mind the voices of women telling me their stories over the years. I see their faces. I remember their fury, shame, fear, courage, determination and tentative steps toward their true selves I especially remember their joy in emerging into a lighter, happier and more free life. I'm still learning what those changes are and feel them more vividly as Healing Your Hungry Heart goes to press. Now my task is to create talks, seminars and workshops for women who want to go more deeply into HHH and who want healing and understanding companionship while working through their recovery steps. I can do that based on the material in the book.


But I think I need to add more. Women living with an eating disorder want to stop those behaviors and escape the labyrinthine prison that affects every aspect of their lives. Unlike a book, which is me talking to you, a seminar allows you to talk to me and each other.

I think the seminars need to address vision making. I think we need to challenge the limited vision of a mind restricted to eating disorder thinking and play with possibilities that go far beyond living with no eating disorder episodes. I'm thinking not of fantasy visions but of practical, joyous visions that can become the reality of your life.

If together we can do that in a seminar you have not only a painful life you want to heal but also a more vivid picture of a better life you want to live. Then the encouragement to heal and grow comes from your past and your future.

I don't know if I can make such seminars happen.  But it's going to be fun trying. What do you think of this idea? I'm open to your thoughts and suggestions.


0 # Joanna, I think the vision of your seminshh 2011-06-22 02:21
Joanna, I think the vision of your seminars is wonderful, but not sure how they would work...would you be going on an inter-state tour? or a World tour even? or maybe something akin to e-conferencing?

Also there is possibly an issue in that the most vulnerable people who need the help the most are often the people with the least confidence to attend these types of things?

Just wondering now whether you might have considered a video-workshop type thing, with say 4 or 5 women from different backgrounds, helping each to look ahead and develop ideas of the life they want to lead and how they can work towards it...and offering open ended questions and suggestions to the audience to help them to work towards their own plans - maybe make it available to view online as pay per view, or on dvd? I know this is a very rough idea, but thought it might be able to reach out to those very same people who lurk and read sites like this but don't have the confidence to post at this point in their lives?
0 # Dear Shh, Thank you! I'm in the braipinkjoanna 2011-06-22 13:51
Dear Shh,

Thank you! I'm in the brainstorming phase now where all ideas are welcome.

I have no financial, time, space, technology or energy limits in this phase.

It's a free for all time to see what comes up. Then I'll look to see what can be shaped into a practical offering that gives the most benefits to people.

Thank you for these ideas. If you have more at any time, please send them on.

My hunch is that if you send ideas about a workshop or seminar you wish you could attend, that voicing your wish could be a way of making it come true in some way.

with affection,

Mary Louise Stewart
0 # "I'm thinking... of.. practical, joyousMary Louise Stewart 2011-07-01 05:41
"I'm thinking... of.. practical, joyous visions that can become the reality of your life". Oh, I so wish this were possible
0 # Dear Mary Louise, Wishing it were pospinkjoanna 2011-07-02 10:58
Dear Mary Louise,

Wishing it were possible is the first step to making this real. The next step is to start writing what is on that wish list of yours.

I invite you to dream BIG and write it all down. If something you want for your life seems too far fetched or grandiose for you - that's gold. Write it down and circle it with an exclamation point.

That's all. Just write - every day if you can.
Let us know how you are doing.

Writing your wishes down will effect your deep consciousness. Please share with us what you notice.

I'm so glad you have this wish. It's your beginning for making your wishes come true. :-)

Mary Louise Stewart
0 # Thank you Joanna. I do have a few obMary Louise Stewart 2011-07-03 21:45
Thank you Joanna.

I do have a few objectives and aspirations, but all these yrs of ED have really taken their toll on my self-confidence and hope. I'm 26 and feel so behind in life, like it's too late to accomplish something good.

I'll try writing down my wishes, as you suggest. Let's see if it helps me stay focused and be more positive...

mary louise
0 # Dear Mary Louise, The first step is wpinkjoanna 2011-07-03 23:16
Dear Mary Louise,

The first step is writing those wishes of yours.

Let me know how that goes. Then you can journal on your wishes or write down more wishes you've had for yourself that you've forgotten about.

When you do this you begin to free yourself from barriers your eating disorder has created.

You might not feel good at first, looking at what you really want. But if you keep writing down your wishes you will have an effect on your unconscious. You'll start to make changes in how you make choices.

As you let yourself be more aware of what you really want you will make tiny tweaks in your life.

Please remember, if you sailing on the sea, a tiny change in how you place your rudder can, over time, take you to a different continent.

For you, the different continent is a life worth living in freedom.

I'll be watching for your post. :-)

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