Healing Your Hungry Heart Journey:


If you have or had an eating disorder you or women like you have been sharing questions, life stories, struggles, catastrophes and triumphs with me for thirty years. When I add my personal disastrous and then recovery experiences to yours, it adds up to a lifetime of listening, thinking, feeling, learning and sorting my way through the eating disorder labyrinth.  

Conari Press invited me to write a book that offered a way for women to recover from their eating disorders. I was thrilled at their invitation and believed I now had the opportunity to share my knowledge with women I might never meet and who wanted access to what I've been learning these three decades.

My surprise was that writing Healing Your Hungry Heart was an unexpected journey into my own heart. I hope that you will grow and develop beyond your current limitations, including your eating disorder, as you work through the chapters and the bonus exercises in the appendix.  Now that the book is completed and soon to be released I discover that I am not the same woman I was when I began writing HHH. I was so focused on you I didn't appreciate the falling away of some of my own inner barriers. This has left me pondering new possibilities I'll be sharing with you in future posts.

Do you remember becoming aware of new possibilities as you moved through your recovery work?



0 # I am Soooooo aware of new possibilitiesKymL 2011-05-28 19:50
I am Soooooo aware of new possibilities right now!! It's quite exciting!

I love the picture of the "eating disorder labyrinth". My "special" place is a beautiful Labyrinth at the Grotto here in Portland, OR. I have done a large percentage of my recovery work walking that labyrinth. Amoungst tall tree I feel one with nature and with all those who have also done hard work walking it. I imagine all the tears that have fallen along it's paths (I've added my share!!). I love the ED labyrinth image because I always walk the labyrinth back out once I've reached the middle. To me, I feel like I've hit the core of my recovery and I'm walking back out; I can see the possibilities of what my new life can be and I'm ready to trust myself, my body, my emotions, and the tools I've learned in recovery.

Bring it on Life....I'm ready for you :-)
0 # I find that some days I see the possibilshh 2011-05-29 06:45
I find that some days I see the possibilities and can't wait to embrace them and start on something exciting and new, but other days I still wonder if I'm fooling myself with the notions that I can do these things.

Generally though, my life is in a place I never dreamed it would be, I'm embarking upon several new journeys and trying to tackle the challenges as they come along :-)

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