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    HHHAMazonJoanna's book, Healing Your Hungry Heart, is available for sale online and in fine retail establishments worldwide. Find your copy today!

  • Introduction

    love149Each chapter in Healing Your Hungry Heart presents different challenges on your path to recovery.  Choose a chapter from the list below and share your experiences in the comments as you work through the exercises and consider your situation and your options.

  • Find Chapter Excerpts Here

    buffet-food-ray-yu-flickrExcerpts from Chapters 1 - 14 from Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder, by Joanna Poppink, MFT, 2011, Conari Press Read Excerpts

  • Family

    elder mother daughterOne or more people with an eating disorder in a family creates a myriad of challenges for everyone.

    This section discusses some of the issues readers bring to this site in terms of treatment, relationships, family dynamics, stress and how people can help to understand and support one another.

  • Spiritual Depth

    new dayRead these articles and activities that support spiritual development regardless of religious faith.

    Increasing spiritual depth is often part of solid eating disorder recovery.

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