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money-200-cs012007The New York Times is running an excellent article, "Treating Eating Disorders and Paying for It," by Lesley Alderman, on covering expenses for in-patient eating disorder treatment.

I'm glad to see this information presented in a clear and concise way to help families, especially parents of young people who are seriously ill, find their way through the financial maze of insurance coverage. For example the Alderman cites:

The National Eating Disorders Association’s Web site has useful guidance on insurance issues in the Parent Toolkit section. It includes tips on how to explain to your insurer that the treatment your child requires is medically sound, how to manage an appeal and sample letters to send to reluctant insurers.

and also details different ways to approach government resources to help find ways to get insurance coverage. Included are institutions that offer free treatment in exchange for being part of research studies as well as way to obtain financial assistance.

Alderman does not discuss private psychotherapy. However, from my own experience as a private practice clinician, insurance coverage varies with the policy individuals carry.  For example, at least part of my fees are covered by PPO but not by HMO.

Finding the best treatment provider for your situation is always a challenge. Clinicians vary in style and preferred methodology.  Patients vary in severity of symptoms and psychological and emotional availability for therapeutic work. The right match is essential.  I'm glad to see Alderman includes a way for you to explore treatment opportunities.

The Academy for Eating Disorders has an online tool that can help you locate doctors and therapists, as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities in your area. Also try the National Eating Disorders Association help line (800) 931-2237 for questions about treatment referrals and support groups and to learn more about eating disorders.

What financial challenges have you faced in getting the eating disorder treatment you need?

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