Lost in Eating Disorder Pain and Suffering: Sometimes I Forget

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I am so happy and deeply involved in the recovery work I share with my clients in my private practice that I momentarily forget the depth and vastness of the pain and suffering lived daily by people entrenched in their eating disorders.

Joy in Recovery Work
The eating disorder recovery path, even though challenging to every aspect of a person’s way of being in the world, is a joyous experience for me. This must be why I do this work. Being with someone who is climbing out of the prison of an eating disorder and blinking from the light of the new world she enters is an incredible joy.  Sharing with her the always unpredictable turns of her life as she heals and develops is a never ending growth experience for me as well as my client. As she brings her healthy and united sense of herself to face the world and follow the genuine lead of her heart and soul I feel privileged and grateful to share in her journey. In the day to day of my professional world the people I meet who are affected by eating disorders, for the most part are on their healing path. They come to me because they are ready to begin. Or they come to me because they have begun and want to go beyond their current limits.

Then I’ll receive a phone call or an e-mail from someone in the depths of their eating disorder who reminds me of all those people who not only suffer, but suffer in ignorance. Ignorance creates a hurdle difficult to leap.

Ignorance itself is an interesting word. It could mean that information is ignored. Or it could mean that information about something isn't available or accessible. So, if a person with an eating disorder is ignorant of dangers in her behaviors, is it because she doesn't know the dangers or is ignoring the dangers? If she is ignoring the dangers, is this a conscious choice or is she ignorant of her ignorance? I’ll give some examples of dangerous ignorance in my next post.

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