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A wonderful, honest, detailed and accurate description of what it's like to go through an eating disorder in-patient experience is posted on: Molly Freedenberg shared her eating disorder recovery viewpoint and by so doing, gave a gift to the eating disorder recovery community. Her post dispels myths and fantasies about early recovery. I'm especially glad that her vivid examples make clear that in-patient or residential treatment is the beginning, not the end of recovery.  I've heard from too many people who believe that "going in-patient" is both a last resort and also a complete treatment experience after which a person with an eating disorder will be "cured." Even in the news where celebrities with eating disorders are discussed, I see the idea expressed that the eating disorder in-patient programs "failed." While it's true that some programs are better than others and some programs are more suited to an individual's needs than another, it's vital to remember - or learn for the first time - that in-patient treatment programs are the beginning and not the end of treatment. To request a list (free) of eating disorder in-patient programs, please go to and click on "in-patient programs" in the sidebar. Be advised: the list is international, comes as an attachment and is 94 pages long. I've been building it for many years. Thank you again, Molly, for your generous and insightful post. I hope many people who need to begin their eating disorder recovery will find your post and get an accurate and thorough snapshot of what in-patient eating disorder recovery programs can offer. Joanna Poppink, MFT, psychotherapist, eating disorder recovery specialist, Los Angeles, CA anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, binge eating recovery;

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