Woman discovers she is a binge eater


gold_starThis is such good news.

A woman wrote to me that, to her shock,  she just discovered she is a binge eater.She is  looking for help.


I hope you can appreciate my gladness at her discovery. I'm not happy that someone has any form of an eating disorder. But when a person discovers that she has an eating disorder that discovery brings her the opportunoty for health and happiness.

She has an opportunity to stop criticizing herself about her weakness, bad character, and the other horrible and relentless judgments she makes about herself. Once she knows she has an illness, a disorder with a name, she can move into her recovery work.

She can stop the endless pain of trying to do what doesn't work and begin her path to health and freedom from those debilitating binges.

When you fully acknowledge that your eating or not eating habits signal an eating disorder you are giving yourself a gold star of awareness. The star is a reward for discovery, a beacon of light to support your through your recovery and dark times and a  symbol of the shining endurance and beauty that is your true nature.

Please use the light of your discovery to guide you to the eating disorder recovery treatment that will help you. I've been a Los Angeles eating disorder recovery psychotherapist for decades and have seen countless successes.  Call me if you need help in finding help. (310) 474-4165.



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