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You may feel alone and isolated in your eating disorder or even your eating disorder recovery. Yet many helpful resources exist to help you. 

In this section you will find links to informative and inspirational sites plus FDA information about medications related to eating disorder treatment.

Psychotherapy Basics: Shadow and Light


lunar eclipse What happens when a woman with an eating disorder starts therapy?

In Eating Disorder Recovery Treatment What Comes First: Bingeing or Feelings?

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Recently a new therapist asked me, "Do you try to get your clients to diminish their bingeing behaviors from the beginning of therapy or do you explore their feelings first? I know there are differing views on this."

When I heard this question, several points of equal value, in my opinion, arrived simultaneously in my mind concerning therapy work with eating disorder patients.  Please understand that these considerations are simultaneous.

My first thought was that I don't try to 'get' my clients to do anything. I want them to heal and develop the capacity to live a fulfilling and satisfying life. But what that means to them and how they specifically accomplish that falls into the realm of their personal values, decision making and evolution.

Eating Disorder Recovery With or Without Understanding from Family or Friends

You, like the butterfly, can find the right support and nourishment you need.

monarch_butterfly_on_flowermOften a person with an eating disorder covers her pain so well that when she tells the truth about her suffering, people don't believe her. They think she is exaggerating, overreacting or in a mood that will pass.

She can look so good or so happy that people who love her and think they know her well, cannot get past what they wish to see and hear. They can also be too afraid to believe that her descriptions of personal pain might be true.

If that eating disorder person is you, you may be in a situation where many well-meaning people in your life do not take your anguish seriously.

Drugs and medications that may relate to people with eating disorders

These links are offered to readers for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or use of any medication. FDA evaluates over 15 drugs to watch out for.

Anorexia Recovery Challenges

If you are suffer from anorexia you do not eat in ways that fully nourish your body. Yet you, like the lovely lotus, need nourishment to radiate the vibrant beauty of health. Without adequate nourishment the lotus will wither and die. Would you starve this flower?

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