Relationships with friends and family influence and are influenced by eating disorder issues. Topics relate to individual perspectives, questions, stories and support for adults in various stages of recovery and for the people who love them. Extricating yourself from negative relationships and building positive relationships are discussed.  Communication, boundaries, love, self-esteem, emotional turbulence, abuse, ways to help and accept help are explored.

Calling Women to Help Women

helping_women_hands Crazy Colleen at wrote an article, Those Crazy Women: Eating Disorders. She shares important information that needs to fall like rain until everyone is saturated with the reality of eating disorders and the toll they take on millions of people. She concludes with a  a resounding call for women to help women. How will you answer her call?

Your Support System: 6 workbook questions for your journal

 St Sepulchre Church Northampton The Octagon by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm 1773

Caring for your bones can lead you to strengthening other neglected aspects of your life. This post is about the surprising benefits you receive when you tend to your infrastructure.

Black Swan: Danger to Others (6-8)

Nina, the ballerina in the Black Swan, believes that people who attempt or threaten to interfere with her distorted thinking are dangerous to herself and her goals.  She is as merciless with them as she is with herself. She doesn’t perceive the emotional consequences to others her behavior causes. If she gets a glimmer of pain she

Be with People You Can Learn From, Befriend Them


Seek out people who inspire you, people you can learn from.  Discover the joy of moving through life with people who are your teachers and friends.  Discover the joy of being appreciated for what you teach by being your honest and natural self.

An eating disorder can isolate you in a way that you recognize.  You remove yourself from other people and spend much time alone in hiding. 

But an eating disorder can isolate you in ways that you may not recognize. 

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