Relationships with friends and family influence and are influenced by eating disorder issues. Topics relate to individual perspectives, questions, stories and support for adults in various stages of recovery and for the people who love them. Extricating yourself from negative relationships and building positive relationships are discussed.  Communication, boundaries, love, self-esteem, emotional turbulence, abuse, ways to help and accept help are explored.

Newtown Tragedy: How to talk and be with your children

800px-Family Love"I just want Christmas. I don't want to die," said a child huddling in a locked bathroom with her teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton CT during the tragic shooting today that killed 27 people include 20 children. *re pix

Here are some suggestions about how to care for your own children today and in the coming weeks as the depth of this horrific event take hold of our hearts and psyches.

Getting Better and Losing Relationships

412px-Harmonie der Geschöpfe When a person is seriously ill with her eating disorder, the people who are close to her were attracted to her and maintain a relationship with her as she lives and responds in life with her eating disorder intact. *

Child Trying To Save Her Anorexic Mother

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*pix This young girl needs a healthy loving mother's arms around her. Mothers, please, fight for recovery out of love for your children if not yourself. Healing saves more lives than your own.

I just got my heart broken again. A young girl wanted to connect with me on Facebook. When I got the request and saw that young sweet face I wrote, asking her age. I don't accept minors on my Facebook account or my website. 

She told me she was twelve. She is worried about her mother. Her mother has an eating disorder, will not accept help, and cries a lot.

Food, Family and Order in Chaos - quiz at end

chaos_and_complexity_butterflyHere is a real family Sunday morning breakfast story that happened just a few hours ago. Please read it for fun and to see areas that could be problems or disasters or eating disorder triggers for you. See the quiz questions at the end.

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