Relationships with friends and family influence and are influenced by eating disorder issues. Topics relate to individual perspectives, questions, stories and support for adults in various stages of recovery and for the people who love them. Extricating yourself from negative relationships and building positive relationships are discussed.  Communication, boundaries, love, self-esteem, emotional turbulence, abuse, ways to help and accept help are explored.

When Mom is Anorexic

800px-Reflected sphereThe mother of three children wrote saying she's had an eating disorder for two years since the birth of her last child. When the child was born this woman stopped eating, felt depressed, lost weight and still sees herself as fat when she sees her reflection.*

She feels elated when she loses weight, works out in the gym for three hours a day or more.  She doesn't eat all day, just drinks water and diet drinks. If she does eat she purges as much as she can get out of her body.

Eating Disorder Animation Video: Outrageous and Wonderful

Before watching this, prepare yourself for 21 minutes and 53 seconds of a wild ride through eating disorders. If you haven't seen the outrageous and wonderful American Dad cartoon "The American Dad After-School Special", buckle your psychological seat belts.

From Pro Ana Thinking to Recovery: help from friends and family

As I think back on patients I've worked with over the years, many of the young women in their mid twenties who suffered from serious and extreme forms of anorexia or bulimia cam to me because someone who loved them found me.  I have been "found" by mothers, sisters and friends.  These people find my writings on the Internet and read them thoroughly.  They send my writings that seem most relevant to the person they love.  They speak to the person they love, impart their love and great concern. They suggest, beg or plead for the person to contact me.

I'm always hungry. What's wrong with me?

Teenager asks:  "What's wrong with me?  I eat a lot and I'm always hungry, even five minutes after a meal.  And I'm losing weight.  I drink a lot of water too. I know something's wrong."

Have you told your parents what you've shared here? You need their help and support to discover what is going on so you can get proper care.

For example, if you were anorexic you might believe you were eating a great deal yet actually be eating very little.  So you would always be hungry and be losing weight.  But if you had a tape worm you might be taking in a large number of calories without your body getting the nourishment you need. You would be starving while you were eating ample food.

Sometimes a person who is anorexic will

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