Eating Disorder Animation Video: Outrageous and Wonderful


Before watching this, prepare yourself for 21 minutes and 53 seconds of a wild ride through eating disorders. If you haven't seen the outrageous and wonderful American Dad cartoon "The American Dad After-School Special", buckle your psychological seat belts.

The Fox show airs Sunday nights during their "animation domination" programming block, and this particular episode covers anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, weight, family dynamics and cultural pressures on eating disorders in a brazen, sometimes crass, sometimes tender way with delightful frankness.

The creators of the show managed to cram into these few minutes the stereotypes, fears, behaviors, rigid thought patterns and triggers as well as love, sef respect, friendship and healing motivations connected with eating disorders.  They include healthy and unhealthy relationships and family dynamics.  Without giving anything away if you haven't seen it, I'll just say it also shows how far into distortion a starved brain can lead a person.

This is all done with humor that may be mildly offensive to some but gets the point across while being entertaining.  I say mildly offensive because it treats all characters with an almost equal measure of no-holds-barred satire. You may squirm at certain points in this wild ride when one of the bumps or sharp turns concerns your own issues.  But hang in there. What's a good ride without thrills and chills? You may even want to go again.

The show originally aired on 9/24/2006, season 3, episode 2.  Here's a clip from youtube:   The full video was pulled. 


0 # Loved it. Thanks for sharing!PTC 2010-04-02 18:36
Loved it. Thanks for sharing!

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