I'm always hungry. What's wrong with me?


Teenager asks:  "What's wrong with me?  I eat a lot and I'm always hungry, even five minutes after a meal.  And I'm losing weight.  I drink a lot of water too. I know something's wrong."

Have you told your parents what you've shared here? You need their help and support to discover what is going on so you can get proper care.

For example, if you were anorexic you might believe you were eating a great deal yet actually be eating very little.  So you would always be hungry and be losing weight.  But if you had a tape worm you might be taking in a large number of calories without your body getting the nourishment you need. You would be starving while you were eating ample food.

Sometimes a person who is anorexic will drink a lot of water to fill up without putting calories in her body.  While drinking enough water (6 -8  eight ounces a day) is important to keep your body healthy and well hydrated, too much water can be toxic.

Please don't think I'm saying you are anorexic or have a tape worm.  I don't know what's going on.  The point is, neither do you, and you are worried.

Please tell your parents about your concerns.  Tell them the details.  See a doctor and get some tests done.  This way you can find out if you are healthy and need to eat differently, or if something is amiss and you need treatment.

Who knows?  Maybe you are allergic to something that makes your body unable to take in nourishment from the food you are eating.

But rather than guess, please see your doctor and find out for sure.

Good luck. I wish you health and relief from your worries.


P.S.  The internet is great for reaching out and gathering information.  But it doesn't replace a thorough medical check up.

Please let competent people use their competence to help take care of you.

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