Relationships with friends and family influence and are influenced by eating disorder issues. Topics relate to individual perspectives, questions, stories and support for adults in various stages of recovery and for the people who love them. Extricating yourself from negative relationships and building positive relationships are discussed.  Communication, boundaries, love, self-esteem, emotional turbulence, abuse, ways to help and accept help are explored.

Bewildering grief or anger for no reason? The unrecognized sixth element.

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This is me, writing to you from my home office on Sunday afternoon.  Stay well.  Keep safe.

You and the people in your life are experiencing the anxiety, trauma, loss, fear and insecurities of this pandemic, politically volatile time. You access your power to cope in five ways. But one stressor may be missing from your awareness so how to cope is also missing. Here are the five you know about. The sixth comes later in this essay.

Benevolent smiles in your environment support eating disorder recovery

Barack Obama crawling with Ella Rhodes
Loving, smiling encouragement that reaches your authentic sense of vulnerability and fear can help lead you to your true worth.


How to help your anorexic friend

Eating Disorder Hope is running a thoughtful article, "Anorexia and Friendship: How Do I Help My Friend?."   I'm often asked this question by teens but also by adults including family members.

While I like the content of the article I have to add this missing and what I consider a vital piece of the answer.

Dream Big! New Years Day 2013. Working for Better Present Moments

8 year old Portuguese girl Look at this face. She's not someone I know, but she shares the look and energy of another eight year old girl, one I dearly love. For the New Year and old the days to come I want her to live her present moments in a loving, clean, safe, supportive, beautiful and inviting world.

New Years Day, 2013, and I'm sorting. Are you?

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