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• Links are allowed in comments as long as they add value in the form of information, images, humor, etc. It's generally OK to link to large information sites (such as Wikipedia, IMDb), news sites (NY Times, Yomiuri Shimbun, local TV stations), general technology and interesting-stuff sites (Mental Floss, Gizmodo, Neatorama), maker sites (Etsy, Make) if they're relevant to the topic at hand.

• Links to opinion pages on news sites are okay, but we'd much rather that you coherently voice your own opinion here.

• Links to the front page of your personal blog or website are not okay (you can add this information in your user profile, instead). This helps us prevent the abuse of the comment threads for spam. You may link to a specific post on your site if it adds to (rather than repeats) the post/thread.

• Links to commercial sites are okay if they are on-topic for the post/thread or likely to be interesting to fellow readers.

• Mislabeled links are not okay and will be treated as spam.

• Unidentified links (urls pasted without description) are not okay.

• Links to offensive material such as racist, anti-Semitic, etc. websites, images or videos are not okay.

• Unwelcome links will be redacted.

• If you post a non-obvious link (masked or Submitterator) to a pdf file, please label it (PDF) in an obvious fashion.
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