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My first post on this. Brief history: 13 years of all ed's(anorexia, restriction, binging, purging) now at 105 lbs, 5 foot 4 and 28 years old. Currently eating 1800 cals (weigh meeasure food religiously)- so my q is... How to cope with xmas at home with family for 2 weeks? Meal plan? continue to count? any suggestions... my therapist wants me to have a plan so I enjoy christmas stress free...
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I think Christmastime and all the food and shared meals with family and friends is stressful for anyone with an ED history, and I think planning really does help.

I was wondering if you could anticipate in advance the types of meals you are likely to be faced with, and count the calories in what you think you will be eating. That way maybe you can meal plan for those days, and factor in the extra calories you might be expected to eat at a family meal, by eating slightly less calories in the other meals that day, but if you plan it, then you can make sure you eat what you need to eat to hit your 1800 cals, rather than feeling anxiety around the family meal, or coming home and feeling like you've eaten so much that you over-restrict to compensate.

Also make sure you journal lots over the festive period, get your anxieties and feelings out onto the paper, about eating, about family members, and about life in general, and also take advantage of forums like this one, to come and share things that are bothering you.

Take Care
S x
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OK, this is going to sounds silly but one thing that has worked for me for a few years now is having a plan to escape if needed. For me, it's the excuse of walking the dogs. They are, after all, also stressed by all the additional people. It could be anything...and even if you don't use it, just knowing it's there is so helpful. Take care of yourself!
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"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming." Dorian~Finding Nemo

You don't need to have it all figured out before moving forward!
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