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I saw my RD today and she said that she thinks my weight is stabalizing and has been for about six months. She also said it was OK that I'm not eating exactly on plan timing wise every day and it's OK to not log my food and send it to her as long as I don't lose weight. I told her about how I skip snacks every now and then and don't always eat as much as I should at every meal, but I do allow myself extra treats now and then or take a second helping when I want to. She seems OK with that. I'm excited about stabalizing and less rules and also a little worried. My worry comes from the fact that I still have such big body image issues. I still care about my weight and want the scale and am unhappy about the clothes that don't fit. Is this normal to have body image be so behind eating?
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Laura, my eating has been good for over a year and I still struggle with body image. What I have found is that I now know when my size is an issue for me so I avoid trying on clothes or standing in front of the mirrow. I also know when I'm confident in myself and my size doesn't matter so that's when I take the chances and dance in front of the mirror (at class) or go look for new clothes. I have faith that those bad times will get farther and farther apart and that as I gain confidence in the other areas of my life, my body size won't matter. The fact that I have good times helps me keep that faith.

Don't push yourself Laura and don't let ED think he's still got control of your life because of some body image issues. Keep heading in the direction you're going and it will all work out!
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"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming." Dorian~Finding Nemo

You don't need to have it all figured out before moving forward!
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