Here you will find articles and links to articles about food and weight issues related to the eating disorder experience.  Issues include: guidance and support for eating well, coping with strong emotions and nourishing your mind and body.


Big Portions for Big Status: effect on binge eating and obesity

I just read a Stone Hearth article, "People eat too much because they feel powerless."

My immediate response was that old dazzling glimpse of the obvious not attended to.

"Of course," I thought, "And the good news is that we know something about operant conditioning.  In this situation we can look for ways to psychologically de-conditioning ourselves, e.g. cause our conditioned response to become extinct.  Keep in mind that the "big" consumption results in the positive consequence "power and high status." That connection can be broken. 

More Reasons to Read Food Labels


The Los Angeles Times ran an article about how dieters are fooled by food labels into eating less nourishing and more caloric food than non dieters.

Have you been caught in this trap?

Food and Nourishment: The Art of Living (Video)

You can look at this video for sheer beauty alone.  I invite you to experience Miwa's art as a dive into what food and nourishment means in personal, community, global and even intergalactic terms.

Eat to Save Your Heart and Your Life

The L.A. Times does it again.  I'm so proud of my local paper!  Today you can find a no nonsense, straight information article that helps you answer the question, "What should I eat?"

Adult men need 30 to 38 grams of total fiber per day, while women need

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