How Bedtime Snacks Affect Your Health


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If I had understood growth hormones earlier in my life
I would have stopped bedtime snacks decades ago.

Children produce a growth hormone throughout a 24 hour period because, well, they are growing! 
But adults only produce the growth hormone when they are asleep.  * pix

Growth hormone supports your bone and muscle health. A bedtime snack stops the production of that hormone and that creates a loss of muscle mass and a reduction in bone building - both major issues in our society as we age. These are also health issues that affect people with eating disorders or disordered eating of any kind.

Eating before bed, actually eating two or three hours before going to sleep, tells the pancreas to produce insulin to deal with the increase in blood sugar.

The insulin inhibits the nocturnal burst of growth hormone. So we weaken our muscles and bone by pre bedtime eating.

Good news: Now that I know this I don't have bedtime snacks. I sleep better and am stronger. Perhaps this information will influence your nighttime snacking too. 

* pix

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