Here you will find articles and links to articles about food and weight issues related to the eating disorder experience.  Issues include: guidance and support for eating well, coping with strong emotions and nourishing your mind and body.


Why do I overeat?

240px Jungle path in the Darién GapPeople of all sizes ask me, "Why can't I stop overeating and stick to a diet?"

*pix Your continual overeating can feel like you are lost in the jungle with no path out.

It's an especially poignant question when the person is overweight or obese. She's often dealing with cultural weight stigma, wants to lose weight for her health, her appearance or even her job security. Still she continues to eat more than her body needs for nourishment. Not only does she maintain her weight, she may  be constantly gaining.

If you are asking yourself why you overeat, perhaps some of these possibilities will help you understand your situation and give you hope.

How Bedtime Snacks Affect Your Weight and Health

bedtime snacks contribute to weight gain
If I had understood growth hormones earlier in my life
I would have stopped bedtime snacks decades ago. Relaxing before bed with food, has more effect on your weight than you may realize. * pix

Bedtime Snacks Affect Children and Adults Differently

How the human body processes food changes as wel become adults. A simple milk and crackers before bed for a child can be lovely. The same snack for an adult can cause unexpected weight issues.

Children produce a growth hormone throughout a 24 hour period because, well, they are growing! 
But adults only produce the growth hormone when they are asleep.  

Growth hormone supports your bone and muscle health. A bedtime snack stops the production of that hormone and that creates a loss of muscle

Intermittent Fasting: Oh, No! Another Risky Fad

Pixie by HaleyDavisIntermittent Fasting is the topic of a CBC news article and asked for comments. Here goes. 

What do I think of intermittent fasting? Fun, fast, fantasy - like our pixie in the painting. It's not for real human beings, like you and me. Here's why. 

How Sleep Affects Your Weight

Sleeping baby boyIf you want to address your weight, before you focus on the mirror, diet or exercise, try developing a healthy and consistent sleep routine.

15 year study published  in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that partial sleep deprivation relates to weight gain prevention and weight loss promotion. *photo

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