Food and Nourishment: The Art of Living (Video)


You can look at this video for sheer beauty alone.  I invite you to experience Miwa's art as a dive into what food and nourishment means in personal, community, global and even intergalactic terms.

We take in nourishment in the form of food, music, art, participation in life, daring, giving, exploring. That which nourishes also sustains and transforms.  And that which is sustained or transformed nourishes in its own way to continue the process of sustaining and transforming.

This applies to you. How many forms of nourishment does this video suggest to you? How many ways of connecting your creativity, love and perception to your world are evoked by watching Miwa's flowing silhouette?

Can you bring grace, gratitude, appreciation and creativity to nourishing yourself?  Can you appreciate how nourishing yourself well nourishes life around you? 

It's really all about active love, isn't it?


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