Do's and Don'ts of Yoga


L.A. Times is running a great photo series of yoga poses that show you clearly what do to and not do. These thirteen photos show you popular poses with clear descriptions of how to do them and how to care for yourself as you move into the postures. This is particularly helpful for people with eating disorders.

If you have an eating disorder you have difficulty with boundaries.  You have a tendency to do too much or too little.  And yet yoga is good for you.

These pictures and descriptions can help you find your way to a level of yoga practice that is right for you.  The goal is to get benefits and not get hurt in the process.

Plank, Cobra, Standing Forward Bend, Warrior I, Warrior II and  Downward Facing Dog are the poses featured. Take a look.





0 # There is no way I could ever sit still fPTC 2010-04-18 04:57
There is no way I could ever sit still for 2 seconds to do yoga. I know it's good for us, but I can't handle it. Plus, I hate hearing people breathe.

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