Does the media play a role in eating disorders?


ED_Bites ran a thoughtful post on the effect eating disorders may have on people with eating disorders.


I agree with Carrie that the media does not cause eating disorders. However, the media does play a role in supporting eating disorders by displaying impossible bodies as if they were normal and easy to maintain in a healthy way.

The lap band advertisements are worrisome as well. Here in Los Angeles we have billboards as well as radio and I think TV ads touting the simplicity and speed of lap band procedures to instantly remove pounds and unhappiness.

These procedures are advertised as if they were a convenient and simple way to bring freedome and happiness. I can appreciate someone wanting that promise to be true. But a quick fix doesn't touch on the underlying reasons for the weight. It just strips a person of defenses leaving her more vulnerable.

Deep psychological work is usually required for long lasting freedom.




Free Los Angeles Community Program on holiday stress and problem eating issues, Dec. 8, 2009.

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